For couples currently living together abroad in a committed relationship, who aren’t currently married, and wish to migrate to Australia. 


If you have been living with your partner in another country and wish to come and live in Australia, you will more than likely be applying for a ‘Partner Visa’ or Fiancé Visa


Part of the requirements for this Partner Visa or a Fiance Visa, if not already married, is to prove that you intend to be married. To do this you will need to provide a certified Evidence of Notice Letter or Celebrant Letter stating that you have completed a ‘Notice Of Intended Marriage’ form, it has been lodged with the department of Births, Deaths & Marriages and a date has been set. 


If you are applying for a Partner Visa you will require this letter!  It is stated on the immigration page and it’s a great tip to have it early to lodge with your paperwork. 


So, let’s set up a time for a chat, a time to meet up and a time to get things moving ahead to speed up the process for you.



✓  Contact me to set up a meeting.

✓  Complete the necessary Notice of Intended Marriage with me as your witness.

✓  Bring your relevant Identification (Passports or birth certificates + driver license).

✓  Bring along also any relevant divorce/death certificates.

✓  I will provide your certified Evidence of Notice letter within 48 hours.

✓  Give this 'authorised celebrant letter' to your immigration specialist.

✓  All inclusive price of $285.


✓  If you plan to follow up with a Legals Only Wedding, an  Elopement or a full Wedding please view those packages for current pricing.